SomethingGood : A Manifesto

SomethingGood : A Manifesto

Transparency is important to us at SomethingGood, as a business and as a team, and it's important that we keep reminding ourselves and our customers what it really means to be working in this space. We are passionate about ensuring this way of consuming, and living, is as accessible as possible, and so through constant conversation (it never stops in store, which honestly gives us so much joy) we hope that we can break down any barriers or answer any questions you have about what it means to shop with places and people like SomethingGood. 

Our Mission: 

Happy and healthy, people and planet. But what does this really mean in the context of what we do everyday, and how do we know if we're reaching our goals and really making a difference? To start with, we've written a little round up of our core values, which puts all of the ideas and systems that underpin what we do into five neat categories. Then, over time, we'll deep-dive into each of the ideas and systems highlighted below and look at them in more detail - what they are and why they are so important to our mission.

Our Core Values:

We are committed to sourcing our products consciously. 

This means understanding how a product is made or grown, what it's made or grown from, who made or grew it, and how it gets to us. It also means balancing the trade off's between whether or not a product is organic, local, and affordable (in financial terms).

We're committed to working towards the elimination of packaging waste, particularly eliminating the use of single use plastics.

This means advocating for the principles of the circular economy in both our supply chain (how products get to us), and how we get our products to our customers, through the concept of reuse and refill.

We're committed to working towards the elimination of food waste.

This means supporting suppliers who are using waste as a resource, as well as implementing our own systems to strive towards zero food waste in store. 

We're 100% plant-based and cruelty free.

This doesn't mean we're all perfect vegans here, or that we expect you to be - our aim here is to promote, support and educate why choosing brands and buying products that are 100% plant-based and cruelty-free is the kinder and more sustainable option. 

We're champions of living a good life.

This means encouraging a slow(er) pace of life; prioritising good, nourishing food; connections with good people; and promoting and being advocates for enjoying good experiences over 'stuff'.

If even one of those sounds good to you, then you're in the right place! We're all about progress, not perfection, and that's all anyone can do. Do you want to make some positive changes to the way you consume, or reduce your own environmental impact? Then try choosing just one thing and just see where it takes you. It doesn't always feel like it, but small changes DO make a big difference. 

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