O U R  S T O R Y
What We Do 
We're a plastic-free pantry.
We have all of your daily essentials (and some luxuries too...) without the plastic packaging. You can buy exactly the amount you need. Fill it up, weigh it, pay for it and enjoy it. (And there’s no need to throw any of it away).


We're a refillery.

You’ll find a huge range of refillable home cleaning, laundry and personal care liquids. Take it home and enjoy it. Then when you’re finished, bring your empties back for a refill ! Fill. Clean. Repeat.

We are purveyors of ethical lifestyle goods for you and your home.

Our collection contains everything you need to ditch the disposables at home and on the go. All beautifully designed and made from sustainably sourced materials like glass, cork, cotton and stainless steel. No excuse for single use.