F O O D   C Y C L  E

Sometimes items from our plastic-free pantry go past their best before date, which means we can't sell them, but they're still perfectly fine to eat. We HATE food waste, so these products are shared with our friends over at FoodCycle Newcastle Westgate who cook them up into delicious meals for the people who need them. Helping to make sure that every last grain of rice, bag of flour, or scoop of oats is helping to do SomethingGood!

Their Vision

A society where no one is hungry or lonely

Their Mission

To nourish communities using surplus food

Their Aims

To strengthen communities by bringing people together around a healthy meal

To encourage friendships by creating spaces for people from all backgrounds and walks of life to have fun together

To improve nutrition and reduce hunger by cooking healthy meals for those in need

To change attitudes to food by cooking with surplus ingredients and spreading our passion for food and the environment