SomethingGood is built upon a passion for protecting people and the environment. Wherever possible, we aim to minimise waste, and every order that leaves us will do so plastic free !
When You Buy or Collect In Store
Food products bought from our ‘plastic-free pantry’ range are packed in compostable paper bags made from sustainably sourced, recycled materials. These bags can also be re-used for lunch boxes or for storing food waste, veggie peels, eggs shells, etc., which are going to be composted.
We recommend that you immediately transfer bulk food items from paper bags into air-tight containers at home to maintain the freshness of the produce.
All liquids from our refillery will be pre-filled in our returnable glass milk bottles. We recommend that liquids are transferred into your own bottles at home, especially if liquids are to be used in a wet / bathroom environment.
When We Deliver To You
Our postage boxes have been carefully selected, in lots of different sizes, so the amount of space and weight isn’t more than it needs to be to get your items safely to you. They are 100% recyclable (but we’d love it if it was reused first!) and are made from a minimum of 75% recycled fibres.
The materials used to protect the items in the box are reused from our own deliveries. It will usually be recyclable brown kraft paper (from deliveries of our amber glass bottles), but will always be plastic free.
The tape (also available to buy on our website for gift wrapping!) is made from brown kraft paper, with a natural rubber based adhesive. This means that you don’t need to remove the tape if you’re recycling your boxes !
We don’t include packing slips or receipts in your order to save paper. There will be a little thank you note, but instead of printing this, we hand stamp it on the box instead to minimise the amount of resources we use as much as possible.