I N  S T O R E

Bring your empties and refill them with SomethingGood. We have a HUGE range of all your daily essentials (and some luxuries too...) without the packaging. Fill your jars, tubs, and bags with exactly the amount you need. Weigh it. Pay for it. Enjoy it (and no need to throw any of it away). 


Want to go plastic-free for the weekly shop? We've got over 200 wholesome products in our pantry collection for you to choose from. All delicious, all package-free. 

Fancy a weekend treat? Drop in and choose something from our showcase of ready-to-go foodie items from the best local and independent makers.

Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend? Come by and we’ll help you pick them something they’ll love from our collection of ethical lifestyle products.

Where to Find Us :
265 Jesmond Road. Newcastle upon Tyne. NE2 1LB
Our Door is Open :
Wednesday : 11-6
Thursday : 11-6
Friday : 11-6
Saturday : 10-5
Sunday : 12-4