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F R E Q U E N T L Y  A S K E D  Q U E S T I O N S
How to Shop
Can I come into the store to browse and buy ?

The front section of our store, housing all of our ethical lifestyle products, is open for browsing and you can purchase on the spot. Our plastic-free pantry (all package-free food items) and liquid refillery isn't open for browsing, these items should be pre-ordered through our click and collect service. If you only have a few items on your shopping list you're welcome to pop over and we'll weigh out items for you on the spot, but we ask that customers help us to keep our queue moving quickly by ordering ahead wherever possible.

Can I refill my own containers ?

Sadly not at the moment. All food orders will be packaged in paper bags, and liquid refills will be packaged either in our ‘keep forever’ bottles, or in a returnable glass milk-bottle-style bottle (£1 deposit, so no need to buy a new bottle each time!). See below for more on how this works.


Click and Collect

 Why do I need to book a time to collect my order ?

For a few very good reasons ! 1. We want to make it as simple and as safe as possible for our customers to shop with us right now, so we want only one person turning up to the shop at any one time - we don’t want to be responsible for creating long queues outside of our shop. 2. It helps us to be super organised, so we know when to have your shopping ready for you. 

How will my food products be packaged ? 

Food products bought from our ‘plastic-free pantry’ range are packed in compostable paper bags made from sustainably sourced, recycled materials. These bags can also be re-used for lunch boxes or for storing food waste, veggie peels, eggs shells, etc., which are going to be composted. We recommend that you immediately transfer bulk food items from paper bags into air-tight containers at home to maintain the freshness of the produce.

How will my liquid refills be packaged? 

All liquids from our refillery will be pre-filled in our returnable glass milk bottles (unless you'd like a new 'keep forever' to refill over and over again at home). For safety reasons we recommend that liquids are transferred into your own bottles at home, especially if liquids are to be used in a wet / bathroom environment. When your returnable bottles are empty, you can bring them back to us and we'll swap you for a full bottle, so no need to by a new bottle each time!

How do you make sure everything is in stock ?

Our stock management system is automated so it is usually very accurate. However from time to time (although rare!) things may go out of stock before your collection time. As we pack your order just a few hours before your collection time to make sure food items are kept super fresh, we aren't usually able to get in touch with you before your collection time to let you know that something you ordered is out of stock. Instead we'll let you know at your collection time and offer an alternative product or full refund.


Food Hygiene

What about allergens and ingredients ?

While SomethingGood take great care to store and package all products in accordance with strict food hygiene regulations, allergens including but not limited to : celery, cereals containing gluten, crustaceans, eggs, fish, lupin, milk, molluscs, mustard, peanuts, sesame, soya, sulphur dioxide and sulphites, and tree nuts are present in our shop. These can be present in the form of graules, dust and / or airborne particles. No allergen, nutritional or ingredient information on our website should be considered a guarantee. If you have questions about allergens please get in touch.

What are the best before dates on the food items I've ordered ?

Due to the nature of the food products we sell by weight, they normally have very long shelf lives. We sell items up to one calendar month before their ‘best before’ date, so your products will always have a minimum of 1 month before they reach their ‘best before’ date. If you would like us to include the ‘best before’ dates on the labels, please let us know in the ‘special requests’ section at the checkout.