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"Our little shop brings together all of the products we use ourselves to make our everyday routine a little less wasteful, and a little more sustainable ! Everything we sell is tried, tested, tasted and loved by us, so we can make it simple and affordable for you to make some small changes, too.

We make sure each product is thoughtfully designed, well crafted, and sourced from only the best growers, makers and creators. And we make sure to champion local small businesses at every opportunity."

Lauren, Founder of Something Good.
Why We Started
"Back in 2018, my family and I started to listen to the call for change in our modern convenience culture, and how damaging our take-make-use-dispose economy really is. We watched documentaries about how much waste we ‘throw away’, and where it really goes… We watched a film about birds feeding the plastic we’ve ‘thrown away’ to their babies. We read about the lives of the people who really make our fast-fashion, and how many hungry people could be fed with the food we waste. We decided it was time to do something.
We started to make small, everyday changes to reduce our waste, to live a little slower, and to lighten our footprints. We buy less, choose well, and make things last. We buy whatever we can without single use-packaging, we ditched the disposables, learned how to cook our meals from scratch, and choose experiences and learning new skills over ‘stuff’ every time. But we wished it was easier to live a lower impact lifestyle, and we knew there were others who felt the same. So I created Something Good."
Starting from a table at Tynemouth Market in January 2019, for the rest of that year Something Good popped up around our city every weekend, sharing our products and ideas. By 2020, we had our very own space in Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne.