Five good tips for easy, low waste travelling.

Five good tips for easy, low waste travelling.

Something we get asked a lot, especially at this time of year, is how to avoid so much waste when travelling and going on holiday! Well, since Team SomethingGood are currently on our summer break, here are the five key things we never travel without - helping us to tread as lightly as possible while having fun exploring our beautiful planet. 

Our reusables

Hopefully the weather will be warm, so hydration is essential. We'll be saving our spending money and lots of nasty plastic waste by BYOB (bringing our own bottle). And is anyone else's favourite part of going to a new place finding all the best places to eat? Of course it is, so we'll have our Keepcup with us for trying an oat latte in every cafe. And (who are we kidding...) a little cotton produce bag in our pocket for all the pastries, too).

Our bars

We'll be well and truly ghosting those mini plastic bottles they give you in hotels by bringing everything we need to stay squeaky clean. But we won't be lugging around big heavy bottles, travelling light is what it's all about so we'll be packing our shampoo, conditioner, body soap, facial cleaner, and even our moisturiser, in solid form. We cut them down to size to suit the length of our trip so everything fits into a few little tins * smug face *


Our toothbrush

Probably the first thing everyone puts on their packing list, right? Must not forget our toothbrush. We'll be packing our bamboo one in it's matching travel case, which has just enough room in it for a weeks worth of tooth tablets (lovely, minty toothpaste - with flouride - just crunch and brush!)

Our sunscreen (on tap)!

We're hoping this will be an essential item for our trip (though Lauren and Kim are spending the week on the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland!) Protecting our skin from the summer sun isn't something to skip, but the plastic bottle definitely is! SPF50 in a refillable, aluminium, pocket sized bottle - check!

Our laundry sheets

Ok, so nobody wants to do laundry on their holidays, but we'll definitely be popping a little stash of these in our luggage. They dissolve quickly in water and are perfect for hand-washing - our bathers after we've been for a swim in the sea, our t-shirt when we've dripped our ice cream all over it (Lauren...), and for when we inevitably run out of clean socks. 


It's all pretty manageable, right? Even if you pack just one or two of these items on your next trip, you'll be making a big big difference. Tag us in your packing and travel pics on Instagram, we love to see it! 

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