Chocolate Nest Cakes

The cutest little chocolate nests we’ve ever seen! The perfect treat for Easter, and with just three ingredients they’re ideal to keep little ones busy too.

What you’ll need (to makes around 12 nests) ...

• 100g dark or milk chocolate buttons
• 250g bran flakes (you could use cornflakes too, or even our puffed rice)
• 60g dried fruit (pick your favourites, Hannah used cranberries, raisins and sultanas)

* Optional – you could add 60ml of your favourite liquid sweetener such as maple syrup or raw honey.

How to make them ...

• Melt the chocolate buttons in a pan over a low heat, stir regularly to stop them from sticking / burning.
• While the chocolate is melting, pour your bran flakes into a large mixing bowl and use a rolling pin to break them down a little (a great job for kids!).
• When the chocolate has melted, use a spatula to spoon it over the bran flakes. (If you’re adding a liquid sweetener too, now is the time.)
• Add the dried fruit to the bowl, and use a spoon (or your hands!) to mix everything together. Don't worry if at first there doesn't seem to be enough chocolate to coat the bran
flakes, just keep mixing!
• Line a muffin tray with muffin cases, then spoon 2-3 tablespoons of the mixture into the cases to make your nests.
• Decorate with your favourite treats! Hannah used our vegan mini creme eggs, but you could use dried fruit, nuts, or seeds.
• Pop them in the fridge for half an hour or so to set. Then enjoy!

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