Just Add Water Refill Sachet - Hand Wash (Fresh Apple)

Just Add Water Refill Sachet - Hand Wash (Fresh Apple)

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These zero waste hand wash ‘just add water’ sachets will leave your hands feeling smooth, moisturised and clean. Water represents more than 70% of the weight in the majority of personal care products. These incredible powder sachets contain no water at all, reducing transport carbon emissions  by 94%.

  • 99% natural ingredients
  • Delicately fragranced
  • Vegan and cruelty free
  • Once water is added, one sachet will make a 500ml bottle

While it foams up well, the natural ingredients mean the product will create less lather than non-natural alternatives, as it contains only gentle cleansing agents, but they still clean brilliantly and with less drying of your skin and hair.


To us: The sachets arrive by post in a reusable, 100% recyclable cardboard box.

To you: The powder is packed in a compostable sachet, which you can put in a home compost bin once it's finished. The labels can go in the regular paper recycling bin.

Product Origin / Manufacture

Made in France for UK based company Milly and Sissy. All of their suppliers are carefully selected based on their ethics and environmental consciousness.

About Milly and Sissy

"The number of products we use on a daily basis creates tons of waste and is becoming an ever increasing burden on our planet. Our aim is simply to try to reduce our negative impact on our environment; to help us all do just that little bit more in the struggle to consume less, waste less and pollute less.  We believe that every single person can make a difference in fact, it’s only through every single one of us doing our bit that a difference will be made."