Fill Citric Acid (100g)
Fill Citric Acid (100g)
Fill Citric Acid (100g)

Fill Citric Acid (100g)

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The household cleaning all-rounder. Great for cleaning bathrooms and de-scaling toilets and kettles. Helps to shift limescale in hard water. Hard water contains a whole lot of mineral ions (mostly calcium & magnesium ions), citric acid works by grabbing (chelating) these ions & stopping them forming limescale.

What is it?

Acidic chelating agent

Where does it come from?

Derived from corn sugar. Corn is harvested, fermented, acidified & crystallised. It’s a pretty long process with a load of complex filtration and crystallisation.

How to use it

Follow this recipe to descale your kettle using citric acid.

Descale the toilet: Add warm water to bowl. Add 2 tbsp. Leave for 1 hr + flush

For bathroom cleaning: Add 1 tsp to 1l water. Spray on. Leave for 30 secs. Wipe off. Don’t use on natural stone. Test on an inconspicuous area.

Please keep away from moisture in an airtight container. Please note that citric acid can become clumpy when exposed to air. It’s fine to use – just break up with a spoon before use


To us: All Fill powders are delivered to Something Good in 20L heavy weight paper bags which, when empty, are returned to Fill's factory (when they deliver new ones so no extra emissions!), refilled, and used again and again. A fully circular system.

To you: Refill your own container, choose one of our 'keep forever' glass jars, or use a paper bag.

About Fill

Fill are real chemists who combine biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern and effective eco home cleaning products. No dyes, no harsh chemicals, all vegan, never tested on animals, and all raw ingredients are sustainably sourced.