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Fill Bicarbonate of Soda - For Cleaning (100g)
Fill Bicarbonate of Soda - For Cleaning (100g)
Fill Bicarbonate of Soda - For Cleaning (100g)

Fill Bicarbonate of Soda - For Cleaning (100g)

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Good for absorbing bad smells, bosting laundry, and as a mild abrasive to help cut grime! A staple ingredient if youre looking to make your own household cleaning products.

What is it?

A mild alkali. Mineral derived from sodium carbonate, water & recycled co2 (not food grade).

Where does it come from?

A low waste industrial process using materials sourced from regenerated by-products from other reactions. Produced in the uk.

How to use it

For boosting laundry: Add 2 tbsp to the machine drawer

For hard surface cleaning: Mix 1:100 in water

For absorbing odours: Sprinkle in the bottom of bins or containers

Please keep away from moisture in an airtight container


To us: All Fill powders are delivered to Something Good in 20L heavy weight paper bags which, when empty, are returned to Fill's factory (when they deliver new ones so no extra emissions!), refilled, and used again and again. A fully circular system.

To you: Refill your own container, choose one of our 'keep forever' glass jars, or use a paper bag.

About Fill

Fill are real chemists who combine biodegradable ingredients to create simple, modern and effective eco home cleaning products. No dyes, no harsh chemicals, all vegan, never tested on animals, and all raw ingredients are sustainably sourced.