T R E E  P L A N T I N G

Every time we deliver an order to your door we’ll plant a tree, by donating money (currently 40p per tree) to UK charity Tree Sisters. We'll also plant a tree for you on your birthday every year if you join our loyalty + rewards scheme.

Why plant trees ?
Trees are one of our most powerful tools to capture carbon from the atmosphere and to slow climate change.

Where will the trees be planted ?

Tree Sisters fund tree planting projects in the tropical forest belt, focussing on the re-forestation and preservation of forests that are often referred to as 'the earth's lungs'.

 Why there ?

Re-forestation in the tropical forest belt helps to lower the vulnerability of communities that are at the most risk from the effects of climate change (flooding, soil degradation, and landslide exposure).

 Who will plant the trees ?

Their projects facilitate skilled jobs in communities and foster local knowledge, focussing primarily on empowering women and addressing gender equality.

This year alone (up to June 2020) TreeSisters have funded the planting of 2,932,760 trees! You can read more about their incredible projects on their website.