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Oat M*lk

O a t   M * l k
*Oat m*lk refills are available in store only, not available for local or national delivery.*
How it works ...
1. If it's your first time refilling our oat m*lk, you'll need to buy your first litre with your 'keep-forever' glass bottle. 
2. When you need a refill, just order the oat m*lk itself (you'll only pay for the bottle once) and choose a collection time.
3. Please clean and dry your bottle thoroughly (you can even pop it in the dishwasher) and bring it to your collection time and we'll refill it for you! Please note that if your bottle isn't empty or doesn't look clean we wont be able to refill it for you. Something Good do not take responsibility for the cleanliness of customers containers.