Wooden Pot Brush
Wooden Pot Brush
Wooden Pot Brush

Wooden Pot Brush

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Get pots and pans clean with this useful pot brush made from natural, sustainable materials. It has a short FSC beechwood handle designed to fit in the palm of the hand for good grip and extra pressure in removing tough, burnt-on grease and food. It features tough Union bristles made from a blend of Tampico fibre obtained from the leaf ribs of two Agave species of succulent native to Mexico; and Bassine, a stiff, coarse fibre made from the leaf ribs of the Palmyra palm, native to India and Sri Lanka.

  • Vegan
  • Plastic free


7cm diameter

Cleaning and Care

Allow to dry between uses. At the end of its life this brush can be recycled. The bristles can be removed with pliers/scissors and composted, and the beechwood can either be upcycled, cut up for use as kindling or taken to a recycling centre where it will be made into woodchips/mulch. 


To us: Arrives wrapped in reusable and 100% recyclable paper bags, transported in a reusable and 100% recyclable cardboard box.

To you: Package free.

Product Origin / Manufacture

Produced responsibly for 'A Slice of Green' in Germany.

About A Slice of Green

A Slice of Green offer a stylish range of reusable products that can help people work towards a sustainable lifestyle. All of the products are functional and simple to use, so are easy to adopt into everyday life.

They source all of their products in India, and by working directly with producers rather than through agents or export houses, they have developed strong personal relationships with their producers.