Urban Cordial - Raspberry and Rosemary (500ml)

Urban Cordial - Raspberry and Rosemary (500ml)

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Our fragrant rosemary adds just the right amount of earthiness to the tangy yet sweet raspberries, giving you a taste of summer all year round. The 500ml bottles are great for sharing and will give you between 10 and 15 drinks. Best served as a sophisticated soft drink with sparkling water, or as a mixer for the perfect cocktail. All of our cordials are made from the lumpy and bumpy fruit that would otherwise go to waste. Each bottle helps to save around 60 raspberries!


Raspberries (58%), water, British sugar beet, rosemary, l-ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), citric acid.


To us: 100% recyclable glass bottle.

To you: 100% recyclable glass bottle.

Product Origin / Manufacture

Made by Urban Cordial in the UK, from surplus UK fruit. Each flavour is made in small batches to create cordials bursting with rich, ripe and real flavour. Working closely with British farms ensures the highest quality of fruit (even if it’s a bit lumpy or bumpy here and there), and helps bring the farm to the city – naturally delicious but with a bit less mud!

About Urban Cordial

Tired of working in the city, Chief Juicer Natasha started to forage for ingredients on her allotment and turn them into cordials. To help the fruits’ true flavours shine, she used very little sugar and soon perfected her recipes, and in an effort to always source the best ingredients, Natasha was also very aware of the serious problem of food surplus. The scale of the issue was clear: over a third of the world’s food doesn’t reach our plates, often because it’s considered odd-looking despite being perfectly good to eat. So Natasha contacted local farms to ask if they had any surplus produce… and they did! To date, Urban Cordial has helped save over 30 tonnes of fruit from landfill.