Make Your Own Sundial Kit
Make Your Own Sundial Kit
Make Your Own Sundial Kit

Make Your Own Sundial Kit

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Kids get to build their own sundial whilst learning how to make them wherever they go! This toy adapts to all ages - fill little ones minds full of wonder as they learn numbers whilst seeing them change, whilst older kids can learn about finding North and how we move around the sun. For adults, well - sometimes it's the simple things that can blow our minds too!

What's in the kit?

All the paper peices you need to make a sundial. All you need to add is something to weigh down the gnomon (pebbles or coins will do) and all important sunshine! Though it will be weighed down, it also helps if it isn't a windy day.

We recommend this kit for age 4+, but younger children will need adult supervision.


To us: 100% reusable and recyclable cardboard box.

To you: 100% reusable and recyclable kraft envelop with string closure.

Product Origin / Manufacture

Handmade in the UK by The Paper Party Bag Shop. They use no plastic in any of their toys. As well as making their products in the UK, they also only source materials from the UK too. They only use suppliers who share their ethical values so there is no plastic in their supply chain either.

About The Paper Party Bag Shop

After struggling to find fun and non-plastic toys for her daughter's 5th birthday party in 2017, founder Nathalie decided to make her own. She'd given books and seeds before, but she wanted classic but cool party bag fillers that were totally plastic free. Nathalie launched The Paper Party Bag Shop in Feb 2018 - creating a one-stop shop for non-plastic, eco-friendly and, most importantly, fun goodies and bags for kids parties !