Beeswax Wrap Wax Refresher Block

Beeswax Wrap Wax Refresher Block

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This refresher block will let your well used beeswax wraps have a second lease of life. Whether you have had them for a year and they need reviving or you have washed your new wraps in hot water by accident and the wax has started to come off, this refresher block will make them good as new again.

With a block of our secret wax blend you will be able to revive approximately;

  • 2 x Bread Wraps

  • or 3 x Large Wraps

  • or 4 x Medium Wraps

  • or 5 x Small Wraps

You can find a video tutorial on how to re-wax your wraps here.


Comes in a 100% recyclable kraft cardboard packet.

Origin / Manufacture

Made in The Cotswolds by The Beeswax Wrap Co. They source all of their beeswax from the UK, most of it from within a 30 miles radius of their workshop.

About The Beeswax Wrap Co.

They started out making beeswax wraps for their own use, then spent a year perfecting their wax recipe to ensure they really do stand the test of time.