Reusable Safety Razor (Grey/Black)

Reusable Safety Razor (Grey/Black)

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The perfect alternative and replacement to the plastic single-use razors. This razor comes with a pack of 10 razor blades and the blades are very easy to replace. If it's your first time switching to a reusable safety razor, prepare to be amazed! It is super safe to use and works incredibly well.

Did you know that over 2 billion plastic razors are thrown out every year? It is really difficult to recycle them due to all sorts of materials being in one plastic razor. So they end up in landfill, incineration and in our environment.

  • Made from stainless steel

    How To Use

    To load or change the blade

    • Unscrew the handle from the head by twisting it anti-clockwise

    • Insert the blade between the two parts that form the head

    • Screw everything back together and tighten

    To shave

    • Wait until the end of a shower so your skin and hairs are softened

    • Apply shaving cream, soap or oil.

    • Apply short strokes while holding the razor at 30°.

    • If it's your first time using a safety razor, we would advise you to apply absolutely no pressure, using only the weight of the razor

    • You will learn gradually the amount of pressure you can apply to get the perfect shave according to your skin

    After shaving

    • Pat dry your skin

    • Rinse the razor under the water stream (with a little bit of soap if you prefer) and leave it to dry outside the shower to get most of its lifetime potential.


    To us: Delivered to us in a reusable and 100% recyclable cardboard box.

    To you: Packaging in 100% recycled non-bleached Kraft cardboard box, printed with soy ink.

    Product Origin / Manufacture

    Made by Zero Waste Club. Their factory is in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China. The minimum wage in the province is 1,720 RMB per month. The minimum the staff is paid is around 1,848 RMB per month. The staff works 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. They are off on all public holidays. The reusable safety razors are shipped via sea freight to minimise the carbon footprint of each product. 

    About Zero Waste Club

    “We want to do more than just make beautiful eco-friendly products. So we are going to make the most transparent, ethical, sustainable goods company on earth. Opening up our supply chain fully for everyone to see. To show that there is a nicer way to do business. Hopefully this will inspire other businesses to do the same.”

    Zero Waste Club plant a tree for every product sold.