Why we love RAW by Fill

A lot of thought goes into the brands and products we stock (more on product sourcing soon) and the authenticity of those brands means the world to us. It's why every single thing we sell at SomethingGood has been tested, used and approved by us - if we wouldn't buy it and use it ourselves and if the product or brand doesn't fit within our own ethos, we won't stock it. So it's fair to say, we love everything in store! 

Fill Refill Co are a firm favourite over here at SomethingGood. Like us, Fill are dedicated to creating a positive change, they are a real driving force (the OG's really) of making really good, no nonsense, closed loop, refillable cleaning products. We've been stocking Fill since the very beginning, and as a family business made up of really lovely folks, we're chuffed to have them play such an important role in our store - our customers are BIG fans too. 

It's hard to pick a favourite product, but we really love RAW by Fill. RAW is a range of stripped back products that work great on their own, or together to create some pretty great DIY cleaning recipes. The guys at Fill have been kind enough to help us get the best out of RAW - check out our favourites for natural household cleaning below. 


Clean your washing machine like a dream HERE

What you'll need - RAW Cleaning Vinegar 

Unblock your plughole the natural way HERE

What you'll need - RAW Bicarbonate of Soda + RAW Cleaning Vinegar 


Shift soap scum and limescale in the bathroom HERE

What you'll need - RAW Bicarbonate of Soda + RAW Cleaning Vinegar + FILL Wash Up

(Essential oils work great here - check out our range from BioScents

De-Scale the kettle for the perfect cuppa HERE

What you'll need - RAW Citric Acid 

If you want to know more about RAW and making your own cleaning products, please ask, as we'd love to help - drop us a DM, email or pop in store and say hi!

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