Nutritional Yeast Flakes, 5 Ways

N u t r i t i o n a l   Y e a s  t   F l a k e s ,   5   W a y s

Have you seen the newest addition to our plastic-free pantry range yet ? That’s right, after many a request we now stock Nutritional Yeast Flakes ! Now, if you’re thinking ‘nutritional what flakes’? Read on to find out why you absolutely need them in your life. Nutritionist Hannah has made a list of 5 ways to use them, too!

What are nutritional yeast flakes ?

Like the yeast used to make beer and bread, nutritional yeast is part of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast family. It’s a great natural source of complete protein for people following a plant-based diet, and is naturally rich in B vitamins. The flakes we stock have also been fortified with extra vitamin B12, something that is only found naturally in animal products, so vegans and vegetarians can be particularly at risk of B12 deficiency !

They add a delicious cheesy, ‘umami’ flavour to any dish (‘umami’ literally translates to ‘delicious savoury taste’, which we’re very much here for!).

We’ve bought it in a whopping 25kg box, so you can wave bye bye to those little drums with the plastic lids (or be able to refill the one you already have in your cupboard!).

Our five favourite ways to use nutritional yeast flakes:
1. Sprinkle it on everything! Literally on anything savoury, but particularly great on pasta dishes, tomato-based stews and soups.
2. Make cheese sauces with it! Perfect in a comforting vegan mac + cheese
3. Make cheese scones with it! Like these ones.
4. Use it in sauces, dressings, dips & pestos! Like in Hannah's 'six ingredient pesto'
5. Eat it straight out the bag/jar! It's a thing!
Order it here, for collection from our store !

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